Houssein Yassin, BE in Mechanical Engineering

I am determined to help build a better Lebanon.


My journey started at LAU when I became aware of the University Scholarship Program (USP). From the very moment I received the acceptance call and up until now, every step of my journey has been life-changing. The workshops, internships, and connections that I gained access to have been invaluable.

Many of us graduates will be leaving Lebanon, including me, as I have been accepted as a Fulbright scholar to pursue my graduate degree in the US. That said, I am determined to enrich my knowledge, grow my experience, and bring it all back to my country, to build a better Lebanon.

Considering my field and choice of specialty – robotics – I believe that this is an area where Lebanon still lags; yet, it needs to be able to solve many problems. Having new tools to implement solutions will be the key to the needed change.

During my internship with Chemonics International, I felt empowered to support my own community with knowledge in my field. I got the chance to teach others how to use certain high-tech tools. I regard this as the highlight of my journey at LAU because it allowed me to give back to the community.