Jomana Elaridi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

What it looks like now that the boundaries between home and work have dissolved.

Jomana-aridi-LAU-Now.jpgI am typing this as I sit in my PJs finalizing the last touches of an online exam and just before I log into an online meeting. I can hear my kids playing – one banging on the walls with his precious football and the other building a fortress with cushions. After the meeting, I have to help my kids with their school work, a feat in itself! It is one thing to look over their homework after they have had a full school day and a whole new ball game to be teaching them from scratch the laws of physics, algebra and geometry and Arabic grammar!

Then I have to get lunch ready. This is the part I enjoy – the daily family lunches. I have my office hours in the afternoon when I get some work done, then some more, and squeeze a bit more in before dark. The boundaries between home and work have dissolved.  I am online almost all of the time – with my kids, students, or colleagues. But to be honest, I like that I can get to do the work and the mom-stuff without having to leave the house. I miss my students and colleagues immensely but this is what we had to do. We had to adapt and move forward. And we will keep moving forward…