Marise Abboud, BS in Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program

I have always had high hopes for Lebanon, and this has never changed.


The years I spent at LAU were priceless, as I learned to discover and grow my capabilities. 

I experienced the vast opportunities that were offered to us constantly; we were encouraged to put ourselves out there, take chances and engage with activities we really felt passionate about.

As the president of the Nutrition club on Beirut campus for two years in a row and campus director of the Hult prize program, I will never forget the support I got from my professors along the way. Feeling appreciated for the work I was putting in while trying to strike a balance between my studies and running the club and program made me push myself to do my best. Every time our professors cheered us on following the success of events, helped us at the booths, and nominated us for multiple awards – I will never forget those moments.

This showed me that hard work truly pays off and proved that being surrounded by the right people can influence one’s perception of the job at hand.

Whether you get involved in activities or not, LAU is the place where you can be yourself and be praised for it, where you can meet people from different cultures, form long lasting friendships and memories, and be taught by such a diverse faculty that you feel you have explored other countries from your classroom seat.

I have always had high hopes for Lebanon, and this has never changed. This is my home. Though I feel that the multiple crises have hit us, graduating students, the hardest, what I wish for Lebanon is peace, in all its definitions, peace for us as people to prosper industrially, agriculturally, and that we can start making a positive impact on Lebanon.