Maryse Abi Haidar, BS in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Economics 

I have a big vision for Lebanon’s education sector.


When I first joined LAU, it felt like I was going into the unknown; it had never occurred to me that I would one day attend this university, which was made possible thanks to the University Scholarship Program (USP). I was happy yet overwhelmed because I wanted to jump at every opportunity – be it academic or extracurricular.

The simulation programs introduced me to the rich world of training and teaching other people. Without this, I would never have discovered the love of training that led me to win the USP Excellence Award as early as my second semester at the university. Further down the line, I hope to pursue a role in academia.

My professors left a huge impact on me and inspired me to follow the same path and in turn make an impact on my own community. Even though we ended up learning online, LAU never made us feel “removed” from university life because all those valuable workshops and seminars continued online. Without the joint efforts from both our side and the university’s we would not have felt this sense of achievement. I truly feel lucky and thankful to be an LAU graduate.

I have a big vision for Lebanon’s education sector. I believe education to be the key for recovery from the multiple crises that we are in right now, and I am currently working on a startup designed to educate people and bridge the financial literacy gap.

In parallel, I have also been giving capacity-building workshops for youth who are interested to grow their skills and learn more about finance. Supporting them from a young age will empower them to think in new directions, different from those that are entrenched in the Lebanese system. This will give them a broader vision for their own future and that of their country.

I would advise new LAU students to grab every opportunity and not to take anything for granted. You never know when your last time at the library might be! Make the best of every minute on campus.