Micheline Saadeh, Lead SINARC Associate

How SINARC instructors and students adapted to the lockdown.

Micheline Saadeh (2)- LAU Now.jpgThe majority of our 35 SINARC students this term came from Europe, and some from the US and Australia. While most opted to travel back home when the campuses closed, four of them decided to stay.

Classes transferred online from day one, and instructors put a lot of effort into delivering their lessons as clearly and effectively online. They even went the extra mile to accommodate students, especially considering some challenges with time difference.

The SINARC team is constantly researching and updating the communication strategies they use to be as productive as possible during the quarantine.  

Media Arabic Instructor Lena Shibani, whose course material typically looks into Arabic media coverage, integrated coverage of COVID-19 into her coursework, teaching students vocabulary relating to the pandemic.