Mohamad Al Khodor, BS in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Economics 

LAU has taught us to help each other and our country.


When I started at LAU, I came across people from all around the world, which was not easy to adapt to because I was used to something more uniform. After three years, I am so grateful for the change, as I am more confident, open to new people, and definitely more extroverted. Workshops helped me build my personality, career, and skills, and I was able to land a job immediately upon graduation, thanks to my CV-writing skills and time management.

A defining moment for me was when I received the University Scholarship Program (USP) Excellence Award. I could not have earned it without all the workshops and the support I got from LAU, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new territory.

The focus on community service also allowed me to experience the impact we can have on our community. As part of one of the community service projects I was involved in, we had to educate orphans about good hygiene and it was so rewarding to see the smiles on the children’s faces.

LAU has taught us so many values to live by, to support each other and our community, and helped us grow into the future leaders our country needs.

My advice to all incoming and current LAU students is to join clubs and attend soft-skills workshops. I especially benefited from those experiences, having felt lost during the first few months of university.