Norma Mousally, Senior Counselor

Online counseling and advice.

norma.jpgAt a time when students may be feeling stuck, unsupported, stressed and uncertain, we were adamant to keep student counseling running effectively. We acknowledged their hesitation to request online counseling by taking a number of steps. First, we ensured their privacy by using headphones, and where students voiced concerns about other family members listening in from their own homes, we offered live chats over Webex.

Students who already suffer from anxiety and generalized anxiety are most affected. That is why we wanted to show them that we were available, and on a regular basis. In the current situation, common student concerns have been academic achievement, as well as their health and that of loved ones. The most important advice I give them is to keep up a routine, and organize their time between studying, family time, speaking to friends virtually, exercising and self-care. I also reassure them that we are all new to this, and that everyone is having similar feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment and stress. My go-to advice is that they do not hide how they feel and be patient with themselves and others. As the saying goes “This too shall pass.”