Paula Abboud Habre, Senior Instructor of English/Director of the Writing Center

The Writing Center’s response to COVID-19.

Paula Habre -LAU Now.jpgI am trying to survive the shift to online teaching which is keeping me busy. However, what I look forward to now are the online tutoring sessions because I feel I am interacting with writers almost like in a real session and giving them support on more than one level.

Last November, the Writing Center decided to provide our students with the e-tutoring option in case they were unable to commute to campus due to the nationwide protests.

After the closure of LAU in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to shift to another consultation mode while maintaining the philosophy of the Center. As of March 10, we offered students two options: online and e-tutoring as synchronous and asynchronous options dependent on the student preference, internet accessibility and type of writing.

With the sudden shift to online teaching/learning, we witnessed the same volume, if not an increase, in the usual one-on-one consultations. This has also helped our tutors, as it gives purpose to their professional lives despite the lockdown. In video-chats, a tutor can sense the student’s need for both moral and academic support.

We hope we can continue to be a student support service whether virtually or physically.