Samar Aad Makhoul, Lead Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Striking a balance between work and family time.

Samar Makhoul- LAU Now.jpgAlthough the way we are working has changed, I did not have any difficulty shifting to remote working, since I have been using technology on a regular basis. Having the skills, know-how and resources do help you adapt easily. But I do miss my campus, office and most importantly my colleagues.

On the other hand, working from home is rewarding as you can be there for your kids. I love taking small breaks during the day to play with them, watch a family movie, or even do some cooking and baking.

Here is a story I would like to share: I had my first scheduled meeting a week after the lockdown and was explaining to my little one that mommy had an important meeting and could not be interrupted. She gave me a funny look and said, “You must be joking; you have a meeting and you are wearing pajamas?” Since then I decided to at least wear my jumpsuit so I can be taken seriously around the house!

There is no doubt that this pandemic has shifted the way we think and operate, but we at LAU are lucky to have the proper tools and technical support to be able to work remotely and strike a balance between work and family time.