Tala El Kayal , BS in Business Information Technology Management

We have what it takes to bring about change in our country.


Getting admitted into LAU was a dream come true. During the first semester though, having gone through the rigorous University Scholarship Program (USP) selection process, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility to live up to expectations.

One of my defining moments was being selected to take part in the Asian Arabic Debating Championship. I felt a shift in the level of responsibility as I was representing LAU and my country on a regional stage. We won third place and it was a fantastic moment of pride.

Another proud moment was when I volunteered to help friends with a book drive initiative, and LAU’s Outreach and Civic Engagement Department (OCE) multiplied our efforts by spreading the word and securing volunteers. We ended up supporting so many students through this activity.

I also had the opportunity to join the Honors Program. Though I felt intimidated at first, I pushed myself to work hard, met outstanding students, and eventually graduated with a GPA of 4.0, winning the USP Excellence Award.

Through my volunteering and outreach experience, I can confidently say that the upcoming generation of youth has strong potential in terms of leadership skills. We have what it takes to bring about change in our country. We just need to lift each other up and feel the collective ownership over the future we want to see in Lebanon. Our drive can be contagious, and we have no shortage of creativity and fresh ideas – we just need to work together to make it happen.

To incoming LAU students, I say: it is OK to feel scared, but it is not OK to lose hope or to give up. Make the most out of what the university offers you.