Policies and Practices for Sustainability

Residence Hall staffJust over half of LAU’s workforce is female, compared to 31.8 percent nation-wide. Click to view more indicators in a recent full-time staff gender and pay analysis.

AdobeStock_440424907-crop-opt.jpeg LAU is keen on tracking its carbon emissions in an effort to reduce them and ultimately become carbon neutral.

In line with its stated values, LAU adheres to a policy that stipulates “zero tolerance for acts of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.” The policy was last revised and approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2019.

Most LAU websites are hosted on data centers operated under environment-friendly policies such as using power-efficient processors and cooling, and obtaining electricity from renewable sources.

As part of its incessant fundraising efforts, LAU organized a benefit in New York City resulting in substantial donations toward student financial aid and cancer patient support.

As of 2022, LAU’s research-oriented graduate programs scholarship includes a monthly stipend in addition to full tuition coverage.

Article 2.1.40 of the Student Code of Conduct stipulates that smoking is prohibited on university premises. While smoking had been banned in indoor spaces since the 1990s, in 2011 a complete smoke-free campus policy was adopted across the board.

For the academic year 2022–2023, LAU has allocated around $100 million for financial aid, and processed a record number of applications. As the crisis in Lebanon deepens, we make more opportunities available to students and their families.

Faculty and staff are engaged in the university’s mental health support system as facilitators of early intervention and assessment to support students with learning, emotional, and psychological issues that may arise.

Screen shot from the cover of the policy paper “Equality for Everyone: Gender Reform from Grassroots to Government” LAU was the first institution in Lebanon to grant a 10-day paternity leave, as part of an initiative by the Arab Institute for Women that also aims for labor law reforms and access to healthcare for disadvantaged women.

LAU continued to offer its research-oriented full scholarships for graduate studies, a “good launchpad for students who wish to pursue doctoral studies at prestigious universities.”

Emergency fund campaign poster showing a map of Lebanon made of a collage of student faces.In the face of a devastating crisis in Lebanon, the university more than ever manifested its values of compassion and commitment to its students. Among other efforts, an emergency fund was created in 2019 to help hundreds of students.

When it comes to its physical spaces, LAU seeks to reduce the environmental impact of its operations through a plan consisting of six “green pillars.”


LAU launched a new scholarship covering full tuition for up to 150 master’s students in 13 disciplines, aiming to enhance and reinforce the university’s research output.

LAU follows international standards on its campuses and buildings so that people with physical challenges receive equal learning and working opportunities.