Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

Faculty Grievance Council

Note: “Grievance” means an allegation of a violation of a specific university policy, procedure or practice adversely affecting an employee.


The Faculty Grievance Council (FGC) serves as a review panel in cases involving faculty employment conditions and rights. Its duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Advocating the academic freedom of all faculty members.
  2. Actively recommending to the president specific measures and/or policies to deal with or eliminate any biased or discriminatory practices or hostile attitude a faculty member is subjected to.
  3. Ensuring that sexual harassment cases involving a faculty member are dealt with as per the university policies and in a manner that preserves the rights and dignity of all involved parties.
  4. Reviewing and rendering a recommendatory opinion to the president on the grievance of a faculty member who is on a term contract and dismissed prior to the expiration of the contract term.
  5. Reviewing and opining on any complaint regarding the processes and implementation of performance evaluation and compensation.
  6. Reviewing complaints of faculty members subjected to a disciplinary action, and rendering an advisory opinion to the president regarding the appropriateness of the action.
  7. Reviewing complaints stemming from administrative actions which the individual faculty member deems to be a violation of contractual rights or an infringement upon the exercise of rights guaranteed by the university policies. The council may recommend to the president measures to rectify the action taken.


The FGC is composed of two elected senators, one elected faculty member representing each distinct operating school, with a minimum of five years of continuous service at LAU, and the senate chair as ex-officio.


The elected senators and faculty members serve a three-year term. Membership on the council will be staggered.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the president who may conduct further consultations before reaching a final decision.


  • Dr. Guy Assaker (Business)
  • Dr. Sami Baroudi (Faculty Senate)    Secretary
  • Dr. Nibal Chamoun (Pharmacy)    
  • Dr. Jean Chatila (Faculty Senate)    Chair
  • Dr. Marc Haddad (Engineering)
  • Ms. Roula El-Khoury (Architecture & Design)
  • Dr. Rita Nemr (Medicine)     
  • Dr. Mirvat El Sibai (Arts & Sciences)