Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

Faculty Welfare and Promotion Council


The Faculty Welfare and Promotion Council (FWPC) considers, reviews and recommends changes to Personnel Policy - Faculty Section, including but not limited to tenure, promotions, faculty travel, faculty salaries, academic privileges, and faculty evaluation. The FWPC should also be empowered to:

  1. Conduct periodic reviews of the promotion and tenure guidelines.
  2. Serve as an appeal council in cases involving academic rights of faculty, including tenure and promotion.


The FWPC is composed of two elected senators, one elected faculty member representing each distinct school, all at the rank of associate professor and above, and the senate chair as ex-officio.


The elected senators and faculty members serve a three-year term. Membership on the council will be staggered.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the Council of Deans and to the Senate.