Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

University Admissions and Financial Aid Council (UAFAC)


The University Admissions and Financial Aid Council (UAFAC) will:

  1. Review admission and application data across the university, in coordination with the schools, to identify trends and patterns in the admission process, such as the number of applications, the acceptance rate, and the demographics of admitted students.
  2. Recommend possible improvement to the admission process in terms of admission standards, outreach efforts to underrepresented groups, and modifications to the application process.
  3. Review financial aid data as provided by the financial aid office including number of applications, appeals and budget distribution.
  4. Provide feedback on any changes and make recommendations pertaining to financial aid policies and procedures.


The UAFAC is composed of two elected senators, one elected faculty member representing each distinct operating school, and one student representative selected by the University Student Council. The assistant provost, the assistant vice president for University Enrollment Management, the director of Admissions, and the director of Financial Aid will serve as ex-officio non-voting members.


The elected senators and faculty members serve a three-year term. Membership on the council will be staggered. Students serve a one-year term.

Method of Operation

The University Admission and Financial Aid Council should maintain strict confidentiality in all of its deliberations and discussions.

The Council sends its recommendations to the Council of Deans.