Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

University Graduate and Research Council


The mandate of the University Graduate and Research Council (UGRC) will be to review, develop, recommend changes and propose policies and guidelines pertaining to the graduate studies and research in the university. This Council will work closely with the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to foster and encourage a research atmosphere while upholding the general rules of the University’s graduate study programs and recommend changes when the need arises. More specifically, this council will have the following duties:

  1. Recommend policies and procedures that shall encourage, strengthen and evaluate research in the University and foster a research spirit.
  2. Assess the overall situation of research at LAU and propose recommendations for improvement.
  3. Review and recommend changes in school policies and procedures for the management of intra- mural grants, research funding and indirect costs.
  4. Evaluate graduate policies of the University periodically and recommend changes that will enhance the University’s leadership role in higher education.
  5. Recommend general guidelines for residency requirements and eligibility for graduation pertaining to graduate studies.
  6. Review and recommend actions on proposals submitted by the schools to initiate new graduate programs or amend current ones.
  7. Work closely with the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to promote faculty development activities related to graduate programs and research.


The UGRC is composed of full-time faculty members at the associate or full professor rank, typically with no administrative duties, and with a good scholarly and research records, and at least three years appointment at LAU. There are two elected faculty members representing each distinct School, one from each campus as applicable, and two elected senators of the same qualifications. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research is an ex-officio member of this council. The UGRC may invite from time to time ad- hoc staff and/or faculty members who are deemed essential to the functioning of this council.


Committee members shall serve a staggered three year term.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the Council of Deans.