Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

University Library and Information Resources Council


The University Library and Information Resources Council (ULIRC) evaluates activities of the library and academic IT services and recommends ways to improve them. It also provides faculty, students and staff with an environment that applies technology in support of the university’s mission. This council works closely with librarians and the assistant vice president for IT-CIO. More specifically, the council has the following duties:

  1. Recommending procedures for developing up-to-date libraries, academic IT services and university-wide systems.
  2. Assisting librarians in exploring possible cooperative arrangements with libraries of other institutions.
  3. Exploring ways of promoting use of the libraries and academic IT services and equipment.
  4. Developing standards for the study and measurement of resources and long-range plans of the university libraries and academic IT services and reviewing and evaluating annual library reports on the usage of these resources.
  5. Advising and consulting with librarians and AVP for IT-CIO on matters of policy and procedures.


The ULIRC is composed of one elected faculty member representing each distinct school, two elected senators, one undergraduate student selected by the University Student Council and one graduate student selected by the Graduate Students Council. The Head Librarian(s) and AVP for IT-CIO, and one Dean of Students constitute ex-officio members. Undergraduate and graduate student representation is determined according to the forthcoming bylaws on student governance.


Faculty and senate committee members serve a staggered three-year term, while students serve a one-year term.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the Council of Deans and to the Student Affairs Council.


  • Mr. Elie Harfouche (Architecture & Design)
  • Dr. Joelle Nader (Faculty Senate)
  • Dr. Sleiman El Hajj (Faculty Senate)
  • Dr. Julian Fares (Business)
  • Ms. Noura Jannoun (Nursing)
  • Ms. Giselle Pempedjian (Arts & Sciences)
  • Dr. Yolande Saab (Pharmacy)        
  • Dr. Joseph Stephan (Medicine)       Secretary
  • Dr. Mazen Tabbara (Engineering)        Chair
  • Dr. Jad Abdallah (ex-officio, Dean of Students)
  • Mr. Camille Abou Nasr (ex-officio, IT)
  • Dr. Jordan Srour (ex-officio, University Library)