Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

University Council for Financial Aid


The University Council for Financial Aid (UCFA) recommends planning and evaluation policies and procedures governing the Financial Aid Program. The UCFA also:

  1. Recommends policies and procedures of the Financial Aid Program.
  2. Reviews financial aid office reports periodically and recommends appropriate actions.
  3. Serves as an appeals council on financial aid petitions.
  4. Provides advice to campus financial aid committees.

Implementation of financial aid will be entrusted to campus committees with a specific mandate, composition and operational procedures.


The UCFA is composed of one elected faculty member representing each distinct school, two elected senators, and one student selected by the University Students Council. The Financial Aid directors will also serve as ex-officio non-voting members.


Faculty and senate committee members shall serve a staggered three-year term, while students serve a one-year term.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the Council of Deans and to the Student Affairs Council, and delegates faculty members to serve on the Financial Aid Committees on both campuses.