Samah Rifai, Lead Webmaster, Strategic Communications Department

On delivering digital solutions, as the only constant was the unknown.

samah-lau-now.jpgOver a hundred days ago, the Strategic Communications team gathered for one last group meeting to go over the imposed confinement plan, discuss projects and assign tasks, knowing that the only constant was the unknown.

As LAU’s lead webmaster, my role consists of supporting the university’s online presence and assisting our communication experts with digital initiatives. From day one, I found myself working endlessly and delivering projects under extenuating circumstances, tight deadlines and limited resources. Lebanon’s Internet and electrical infrastructure did not help much. Then came the open-ended home-schooling, which required a whole new level of motherly patience. Time meant nothing anymore, and I was online day and night, pausing intermittently to check on whatever was cooking in the oven (without burning a single dish), clean whatever was just spilled on the floor, or kick off one of my children’s Zoom classes.

But, my main drive was always the countless efforts of our healthcare heroes, out there on the frontlines. I endured, multitasked and prioritized like I’ve never done before.

Eventually, and alongside my amazing colleagues in the digital unit, we delivered and supported several digital solutions such as the LAU Coronavirus Telecare microsite, the LAUMC-RH COVID-19 donation forms and most recently, the LAU Emergency Financial Aid Fund, while also building the upcoming revamped School of Medicine website.

To be frank, and like many working moms, I feel exhausted on a daily basis. But knowing I did my part and maybe left a positive impact in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile.