2006 Archives

Decisions concerning Summer Module I


The University Executive Council has made the following decisions concerning Summer Module I 2006:

  • Undergraduate students who registered in Summer I and are unable to return to LAU to resume their classes will be granted an “I” (Incomplete) grade instead of an “F”. This “I” grade will carry until the end of summer 2007 classes.
  • Graduate students who are unable to return to the university to complete Summer I will be considered as not having enrolled in that term. They will also be credited for the tuition fee paid, and allowed to take the course(s) again, or enroll in other graduate courses(s) during the next academic year (Fall 2006 to Summer 2007). Graduate students who wish to benefit from this arrangement should contact the Registrar before December 22, 2006. Failure to comply with these deadlines will result in forfeiting the related fees.

Financial aid - exceptional measures


New deadlines for academic year 2006–2007

The week of Monday August 28 through Friday September 15, 2006 is scheduled for:

  • All students who need to petition for the Fall 2006 term because of war consequences.
  • All LAU old/new students who did not previously apply for financial aid, are now allowed to do so (i.e. take a financial aid application).
  • Applications with previously set deadlines for submission of missing documents and/or interview dates will also be re-accommodated.

Applicants who did not pick up their admission letters by the above dates, will be given interview appointments afterwards.