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Statement from the LAU Administration


LAU will resume classes on Friday, November 15 with all university operations restored back to normal. All exams scheduled for Friday and Saturday will be moved to next week, subject to a new schedule that will be announced by the faculty members concerned. We are looking forward to welcoming all our students back to campus.

Closure on November 14


Our thoughts and prayers are with the LAU family in these trying times during which you made our beloved university a beacon of hope for the rest of the country. As safety is our foremost concern, and in light of prevailing conditions, LAU will be closed on Thursday, November 14.

LAU Administration

Closure on November 13


Safety being our utmost priority, LAU will close on November 13, in compliance with the decision of the Minister of Education and Higher Education.

Closure on November 12


In compliance with the decision of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, LAU will be closed on Tuesday, November 12.



While LAU remains open today, the university fully understands the difficult conditions facing the country. The campuses are not accessible to everyone, so please exercise caution if deciding to go out and know that safety is key. For those who cannot make it today, rest assured there will be no negative consequences. LAU continues to take all necessary measures to help all students complete the academic semester.



Message from LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we resume classes and normal operations on Monday, November 4, 2019, I would like to extend my profound gratitude for the impressive LAU spirit that you always exhibit, and particularly that you demonstrated during the challenges that our beloved country has experienced since October 2019.

During these trying times, people from all walks of life recognized you. Your care for each other and for our university has been exemplary; your respect for others and their views, edifying; your listening to each other with willingness to learn, impressive; and your exercise of academic freedom, most inspiring, always within the canons of civility and always within the rule of law, no matter what the opinions, no matter what the issues.

In the past couple of weeks, I met with so many of you and was inspired by the quality of a new generation that is willing to face challenges by the “force of argument and not by the argument of force.” My conversations with many of you filled my heart with high hopes for our country. With your commitment, and with LAU providing a unique oasis for much needed tolerance, you are a precious gift to the brighter and better Lebanon that we all are dedicated to attaining.

I am grateful to our faculty, staff, and administration who have committed themselves to serving our students as they resume their studies. I extend to each and every one of you my appreciation for supporting our students and providing them with an environment conducive to excellence. In particular:

  1. We will not hold any exams during the week of November 4, 2019.
  2. We will extend incomplete and withdrawal deadlines until November 20, 2019.
  3. We will make up lost teaching days by using Saturdays where possible and appropriate, and through a revised final exam schedule.
  4. We will announce a complete revised academic calendar after classes resume.
  5. We will all be flexible and understanding, yet committed to delivering excellent academic education.
  6. Our faculty will work with our students to ensure that they complete the semester with high academic performance and without any major hitches.
  7. Our instructors will be both caring and cooperative, but continue to demand high standards.
  8. We encourage our students to seek any help and guidance they need from their Deans of Students, faculty, academic advisors, counselors, and other university support services.

We, the members of the President’s Cabinet and the Council of Deans, will provide our faculty and staff with what they need to make sure that our students are served with caring and love. In return, I would ask our students to continue to pursue their passionate dreams and noble aspirations.

I thank you and love you all.

With profound gratitude,

Joseph G. Jabbra, Ph.D.
Lebanese American University

Office hours

With the resumption of classes starting tomorrow morning Monday November 4, working hours will be back to normal as well.



LAU is planning on resuming classes and normal working hours on Monday, November 4. Further information will follow during the weekend.

No classes on November 1


In view of the continuing uncertainty, LAU classes will be suspended on Friday, November 1. For faculty and staff, it will be normal working hours until 2:00 p.m., with each member of the university family giving primary importance to personal safety. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Statement from the President of LAU


In view of the unfortunate reversal in road conditions tonight and in keeping with our principle of student safety first, LAU classes will continue to be suspended on Thursday October 31st. The university will remain open otherwise under the same terms announced before with faculty and staff giving paramount importance to their personal safety. Please follow our regular updates.

Statement from President Jabbra


Dear students, faculty and staff,

I am writing to inform you that, following a meeting of the President’s Cabinet, LAU has decided to go back to normal working hours with full resumption of classes as of tomorrow October 31, 2019. Subsequent notifications will be posted as needed. I am grateful for everyone’s cooperation.

With my best wishes,

Joseph G. Jabbra, Ph.D.
LAU President

الى الطلبة والأساتذة والموظفين الأعزاء،

احيطكم علماً انه بعد اجتماع عقد اليوم برئاسة رئيس الجامعة وحضره القيم ونواب الرئيس، قررت الجامعة العودة الى دوام العمل العادي اعتباراً من نهار غد الخميس في 31 تشرين الأول واستئناف الدروس بصورة كاملة.

هذا وسنصدر تعميمات اخرى إذا دعت الضرورة.

مع تقديري لتعاون الجميع

الدكتور جوزف ج. جبرا
رئيس الجامعة

Messages to the LAU Community


Further to the statement below, LAU reiterates that the most important consideration guiding individual decisions is safety first. We urge each and every member of our LAU family to be guided first and foremost by their judgement about their individual safety.

Statement from LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra

البيان باللغة العربية يلحق
The Lebanese American University (LAU) is immensely proud of its students, faculty and staff who are exhibiting the finest example of civic duty and sacrificing much for needed democratic change in Lebanon. The entire LAU family stands united behind our cardinal belief in academic freedom, democratic values, civil rights, freedom of expression and commitment to service. The entire country looks up to you as leaders of society, change agents and a beacon of hope.

The university will continue to suspend classes as previously announced while issuing regular updates when needed.

In the meantime, we will be open starting Monday, October 28 to provide services critical to the welfare of our students and faculty particularly those students expecting to graduate. Commencing on Monday, we have also adjusted our working hours till 2 p.m. with the safety of our personnel being of paramount importance. Those of you who can safely come to work may access either campus depending on road conditions. Plans are also underway to adapt our academic schedule and delivery modalities in the best interest of our students.

While it is universally understood that only the Office of the President speaks for and on behalf of the University, LAU holds sacred the right of its individual faculty, staff and students to responsibly exercise academic freedom, practice free speech and engage in peaceful advocacy.

بيان رئيس الجامعة اللبنانية الاميركية (LAU)

تفخر الجامعة اللبنانية الاميركية (LAU) كثيراً بطلبتها واساتذتها وموظفيها الذين قدموا مثالاً يحتذى في اداء واجبهم المدني بمسؤولية حيث ضحوا كثيراً لتحقيق التغيير الديمقراطي الذي يحتاجه لبنان. وتقف اسرة الجامعة مجتمعة ومتحدة في الايمان الراسخ: بالحرية الاكاديمية، والقيم الديمقراطية، والحقوق المدنية، وحرية التعبير، والالتزام بالخدمة المدنية.

ان الوطن بأسره يتطلع اليكم كقادة للمجتمع واداة تغيير ومنارة للأمل… وستستمر الجامعة في تعليق الدروس كما سبق واعلنت وستطلعكم هذا بشكل دوري عن اي جديد فيما يخص الدراسة. وفي غضون ذلك ستفتح الجامعة ابوابها اعتبارا من نهار الاثنين 28 تشرين الاول 2019 لتوفير الخدمات الاساسية والبالغة الاهمية لما فيه خير طلبتها واساتذتها، لا سيما اولئك الطلبة الذين سيتخرجون بنهاية هذا الفصل. وقد تم تعديل دوام العمل ليصبح الى الساعة الثانية من بعد الظهر إيماناً من الجامعة بأن سلامة موظفيها هي في رأس اولوياتها.

اما بالنسبة الى الذين يمكنهم الوصول بأمان الى عملهم فيمكنهم التوجه الى اي من حرمي بيروت او جبيل وفقاً لأوضاع الطرق.

وفي نفس الوقت، تعمل الجامعة على تكييف برنامجها الدراسي وطرائق التعليم لمساعدة طلبتها وخصوصاً أولئك الذين هم على أبواب التخرج.

وإذ تأخذ الجامعة بالمبدأ العام الذي يحصر التحدث عنها وباسمها بمكتب الرئيس، تشدد على اعتزازها واحترامها لحقوق طلبتها واساتذتها وموظفيها بالحرية الاكاديمية وحرية الرأي والموقف والنشاط السلمي من أجل تغيير المجتمع نحو الأفضل.

Closure on October 25


In light of continuing developments in the country, LAU will be closed on Friday, October 25, and until further notice. Further updates will be posted here, on the university’s home page.

Closure on October 24


In light of continuing developments in the country, LAU will be closed on Thursday, October 24, and until further notice. Further updates will be posted here, on the university’s home page.

Closure on October 23


LAU will be closed on Wednesday, October 23, but intends to resume operations on Thursday, October 24. Further updates will follow.

Closure on October 22


LAU will be closed on Tuesday, October 22. Further announcements will be communicated in due course.

Closure on October 21


In view of continuing developments in the country, LAU will be closed on Monday, October 21. We will keep you posted through further announcements as to subsequent days.

Message from LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra


Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We have been following closely what our country and all of you are going through. It is our sincere hope that you, your families, and your loved ones are safe. Our university and hospital are always ready to ensure your protection and well-being. As a university founded on liberal education principles, we fully support your right to the peaceful expression of your opinions.

We are all deeply affected by the current events that are gripping the entire country, and we all pray that our beloved Lebanon will emerge intact and stronger from these trying times that we are all experiencing.

With my best wishes to you all.

Joseph G. Jabbra

Libraries closed


Due to the prevailing conditions, the LAU libraries will be closed this weekend.

Closure on October 18


In compliance with the decision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, LAU will be closed on Friday, October 18.

University Closed on May 16


In line with the directive of the Prime Minister to observe Thursday, May 16, 2019 as an official day for the mourning of the late Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, LAU will be closed on that day.